Acuant WebID
Acuant WebID

Verify Identities Over the Web:
Seamless HTML Workflow

Instant Identity Verification for Cross-Channel Workflows


Acuant WebID™ allows users to seamlessly verify their identity across channels utilizing both Acuant AssureID™ & Acuant FaceID via HTML and their mobile device. This allows businesses to onboard consumers and verify identities any way they choose: start the process on premise, on a desktop, mobile/app or kiosk, then verify your identity via your mobile phone as prompted. Identity verification made simple, nothing to download, no app to install, easy to follow mobile browser experience – WebID provides businesses a superior way to transact with trust online.

How It Works


To verify their identity, the user is sent a unique link via text message or email from the verifying institution as part of their transaction workflow. Businesses are free to choose the delivery mechanism. The link immediately opens the WebID mobile browser app which instructs the user to capture front and back of their ID and then take a selfie. The authentication of the ID and facial recognition match with liveness test happen in real time and allow business to follow the progress and see where users might abandon the process. The use of a mobile device allows for high quality image capture, facial recognition and liveness detection on the web leading to the best results in passing more good customers and catching fraud.


  • No Need to Build Out the Solution- Off-the-Shelf
  • Easy Integration with the WebID API
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Across Devices, Any Channel
  • Captures High Quality Images to Reduce Unknown Rates
  • Allows for Facial Recognition Liveness Detection on the Web
  • Ability to Track User Abandonment
  • Ability to White Label with Custom Branding

Acuant WebID Use Cases

Multi-Factor Authentication

Verification Requirement for Desktop/HTML Workflows

Integration for Companies with Lack of Front End Resource

Use for Password Reset

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