Acuant review
Acuant review

Fast, reliable manual ID checks to catch fraud and obtain the utmost security.

Secure Manual Review to Pass More Good Customers

Acuant Review™ allows for the utmost assurance by providing expert manual inspection of identity document images in minutes to give you answers and pass more good customers. We understand that businesses want to validate customer identities quickly and securely in order to have trusted transactions. Acuant allows for this in multiple ways with a continuum of identity proofing products.

Acuant Review allows businesses to pass on any IDs that cannot be authenticated in the automated process (Acuant AssureID™) to avoid rejecting documents due to poor image capture, worn, torn or unknown documents. Forensic experts manually review and determine document authenticity in minutes. Acuant Review is GDPR certified and helps to meet regulations such as KYC and AML, while at the same time not turning away customers or making it a lengthy process. The process is seamless between platforms.

Acuant Review provides the ability to show certain authentication test failures, highlighting the authentication document area in question to assist the manual review examination and adjudicate for authenticity. Any AssureID authentication results can be passed forward for further review: Pass, Fail, Attention and Unknown.

How It Works

How It Works - Step 1


Via scanner or mobile device

How It Works - Step 2


Advanced check in seconds

How It Works - Step 3

Manual Review

Meet KYC, AML & more in minutes

Fast Manual Review with Answers in Minutes

Privacy Minded to Protect Data & PII, GDPR Certified

Easy API Integration with Multi-Platform Deployment

Why Acuant Review

Pass more customers by getting solid adjudication on every document, avoiding failing valid IDs and getting data on fails.

Decrease friction by keeping consumers online and not going to in person verification. Less wait time and a better customer experience.

You decide after automated review what you want escalated to manual review. Forensic document examination experts on hand for your escalation needs.

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