Acuant Face
Acuant Face

Three classes of biometric facial recognition to address every use case and level of risk.

Secure, Fast & User Friendly Facial Recognition

Acuant Face™ software performs powerful biometric facial recognition and liveness detection to prevent identity theft and fraud. A user simply captures an image of their government issued ID and then takes a selfie. The selfie image is compared to an extracted photo from the identity document such as a driver’s license or passport to verify a match. Acuant Face integrates with Acuant AssureID™, which authenticates the ID in the capture step, for fast and seamless multi-factor authentication.

Acuant offers a solution for every use case or problem you want to solve when it comes to identity verification. With Acuant Face, you can seamlessly onboard on all channels (remote or on premise), increase conversion rates, enhance security, prevent fraud and meet reguations such as KYC, AML, GDPR and more. Our solutions work for any industry and level of risk to provide maximum ROI. All workflows are privacy minded, engaging encryption in the cloud with no images or data being stored.

Extremely user friendly, our application provides guidance for face position to ensure the face is correctly centered and a proper distance from the camera, checking that a face is well detected. There are two results returned from Acuant Face in seconds: a facial match score that shows how closely the two images match and a liveness detection test.

Acuant Face offers three classes of liveness detection, with easy integration and white labeling, to ensure genuine physical presence of the individual and to thwart deep fakes and presentation attacks such as image spoofing - all under 3 seconds.

Acuant Face: Standard

Designed for businesses seeking biometric facial recognition matching paired with on device liveness detection blink test. Provides businesses with a fast and accurate results when convenience and user experience come first.

Acuant Face: Government

Designed for heavily regulated industries or governments seeking compliance and security. Uses algorithm that has undergone rigorous face recognition testing administered by US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) meeting stringent standards. Paired with on device liveness detection blink test.

Acuant Face: Enhanced

Designed for high risk environments, those seeking the utmost certainty and fraud prevention. High performance facial recognition matching paired with server based enhanced liveness detection. Prevents presentation attacks from printed images, masks, recorded video or synthetic video from passing the liveness check. Ability for replay detection where a similar face presented in quick velocity triggers an alert to possible fraudulent activity.

Fast Facial Recognition for Real Time Answers

Easy Multi-Factor Authentication Built to Scale

Robust Liveness Tests to Catch Fraud

Why Choose Acuant Face

We provide security via encrypted facial match and liveness testing in the cloud that is validated using tokens.

Acuant Face is privacy minded, meets GDPR requirements and ISO 27001 certified.

Acuant Face + Acuant AssureID world class document authentication create a best in breed solution with easy integration and a developer friendly SDK.

Acuant Face is omnichannel, supported in iOS, Android and HTML. Deployable on smart devices, desktops and kiosks.

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