Solutions Overview

For over 20 years, Acuant has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that provide fast, accurate and secure identity verification. We have evolved into a Trusted Identity Platform that addresses the challenges of growing fraud and security concerns in the digital economy. Our latest revolution with the acquisition of IdentityMind executes against one of the most difficult challenges we face within our society today: addressing if you truly are who you say you are and delivering the answer with certainty and trust.

With unmatched flexibility, third-party data and technology sources, and a single API, customers can access as much or as little as they need of the platform. The result is an advanced orchestration hub that provides the most accurate risk decisioning, allows businesses to move faster and delivers the best user experience across all channels.

For building, proofing, verifying and maintaining digital identities - Trust Acuant. Learn more about our platform here.

Real Time Intelligent Data Capture & Auto-Fill Software: Automate & Streamline Workflows
  • Instant ID capture & data fill via mobile device, desktop scanner, kisok, etc.
  • Save time, increase conversions & impress customers
  • For use in any industry to make onboarding a breeze
Instant Document Authentication Software: Validate New & Existing Customers Preventing Fraud
  • Instant ID capture & data fill via mobile device, desktop scanner, kiosk, etc.
  • 50+ forensic tests performed on IDs in seconds for robust authentication
  • Reducing employee training, operating costs & customer friction
  • Easily meet KYC, AML, GDPR, age verification & other regulatory requirements
Biometric Facial Recognition & Match Software: Liveness Detection Addressing Spoofing
  • Selfie matched to ID photo using mobile device, desktop scanner kiosk, etc.
  • Integrates with Acuant AssureID™ for easy multi-factor authentication
  • Robust liveness tests & NIST certified algorithms for high risk scenarios
Fast & Reliable Manual ID Checks: Catch Fraud & Obtain Utmost Security
  • Expert manual inspection of IDs in minutes to get answers & pass more good customers
  • Catch IDs rejected for non-fraudulent reasons in the automated process
  • GDPR certified & helps to meet regulations such as KYC & AML
ePassport & eID Scanner & Mobile Solutions: Issuance, Quality Control & Authentication
  • ePassport Issuance: ICAO compliant PKI & security object encoding
  • ePassport Analysis: Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Forensic Analysis
  • ePassport Authentication: Border Processing & Passive Authentication
API Built on IdentityMind’s Patented eDNA™ Engine
  • Real time based to retrieve risk score, graph stats & reputation
  • Risk score based off complexity of the entity graph
  • Targeted risk assessment as system learns from your data

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