Solutions Overview

For over 20 years, Acuant has improved transactions through the capture and verification of data from government issued identity documents. Acuant has evolved into a Trusted Identity Platform that addresses the challenge of growing fraud, competition and security concerns in the digital economy. Award-winning solutions enable trusted transactions and seamless multi-factor authentication in real time in any industry.

Real Time Intelligent Data Capture & Auto-Fill Software: Automate & Streamline Workflows
  • Instant ID capture & data fill via mobile device, desktop scanner, kisok, etc.
  • Save time, increase conversions & impress customers
  • For use in any industry to make onboarding a breeze
Instant Document Authentication Software: Validate New & Existing Customers Preventing Fraud
  • Instant ID capture & data fill via mobile device, desktop scanner, kiosk, etc.
  • 50+ forensic tests performed on IDs in seconds for robust authentication
  • Reducing employee training, operating costs & customer friction
  • Easily meet KYC, AML, GDPR, age verification & other regulatory requirements
Biometric Facial Recognition & Match Software: Liveness Detection Addressing Spoofing
  • Selfie matched to ID photo using mobile device, desktop scanner kiosk, etc.
  • Integrates with Acuant AssureID™ for easy multi-factor authentication
  • Robust liveness tests & NIST certified algorithms for high risk scenarios
Fast & Reliable Manual ID Checks: Catch Fraud & Obtain Utmost Security
  • Expert manual inspection of IDs in minutes to get answers & pass more good customers
  • Catch IDs rejected for non-fraudulent reasons in the automated process
  • GDPR certified & helps to meet regulations such as KYC & AML
ePassport & eID Scanner & Mobile Solutions: Issuance, Quality Control & Authentication
  • ePassport Issuance: ICAO compliant PKI & security object encoding
  • ePassport Analysis: Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Forensic Analysis
  • ePassport Authentication: Border Processing & Passive Authentication

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