Document Authentication & Identity Verification Software

AssureID is trusted around the world to help commercial organizations and government facilities improve and protect their business operations. Our solutions range from providing critical security to streamlining workflows for validating new customers and protecting against identity theft and fraud.

AssureID's patented technology extracts biometric and alphanumeric data contained in an identity document to authenticate it by applying 50+ forensic document-specific tests and utilizing the industry's largest document library (supporting 200+ countries). Working in real time, AssureID eliminates manual screening errors, speeds up the document inspection process and significantly reducing employee training, operating costs and customer inconvenience.

Employ AssureID for address and age verification, to check against watch lists such as Interpol, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) to provide the utmost security or create your own custom list.


Acuant FRM facial recognition match is as easy as taking a selfie and comparing it to extracted biometric data contained in the government issued ID.  Results are given in seconds; reducing fraud by matching the face biometrics of a selfie to the face image on the ID and authenticating they match. In addition, Acuant FRM provides liveness detection to prevent fraudsters from using static images. This ensures that not only does the face match, but there is indeed a live person in front of the camera. FRM works with any mobile device and OS and allows for the option of using a local camera for desktop environments.

Acuant CHIP  is a core component of AssureID and performs a comprehensive series of authentication tests such as, Basic Access Control (BAC) to cryptographically access the chip contents; Active Authentication, to confirm the authenticity of the chip (and that it has not been cloned); Data Group Hash Authentication, to confirm that data group files have not been modified; and Document Signer Authentication, to confirm the authenticity of the Data Group hashes. CHIP technology provides the ability to read data and verify the authenticity of e-chips present in IDs and Passports on both mobile and desktop devices.

Acuant DocX allows you to mitigate fraud in high risk environments by employing a manual review of the document in question conducted by a verified credential expert in a matter of minutes. The expert is assisted by patented AssureID document authentication technology to analyze anomalies that automated document authentication and facial review processes identify, including damaged identity documents and poor image quality when applicable. DocX experts will make a judgment (pass, fail, unable to decide) based on the data provided within minutes to facilitate real time transactions.

  • How It Works - Step 1
    Scan front & back of credential using mobile device or scanner
  • How It Works - Step 2
    Images & data are processed instantly & securely in the cloud
  • How It Works - Step 3
    Accurate information populates your application within seconds
  • How It Works - Step 4
    50+ forensic tests performed on credentials in real time
  • How It Works - Step 5
    Optional facial recognition match, manual review & database check

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Reduce Risk
Quickly & accurately identify fraudulent ID's to protect your business
Be Compliant
Meet industry specific laws & regulations such as KYC & PII
Increase Revenue
Automate & streamline workflows to increase operational efficiency

AssureID Use Cases

  • Identity Verification
  • Age Verification
  • Authentication to Identify Fraudulent ID’s
  • Card/Person-Not-Present Transactions
  • Highest Level Security Checks/Watch Lists
  • Mobile & Sharing Economy Apps
  • Customer & Employee Onboarding

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