Product Overview

For over 20 years, Acuant has improved transactions through the capture and verification of data from government issued identity documents. Acuant has evolved into a Next Gen Identity Platform that addresses the challenge of growing fraud and security concerns in the digital economy. Award-winning solutions include AcuFill ID capture & fill, AssureID authentication, Facial Recognition Match, Chip and Ozone® ePassport authentication.
Acuant provides a trust anchor by authenticating a government issued ID to establish identity. Our platform allows for seamless multi-factor authentication, in real time, for trusted transactions in any industry. Solutions address identity theft and fraud, compliance, federal regulations and various levels of risk/assurance requirements. Acuant helps meet KYC, AML & GDPR regulations among others. We enable businesses to streamline operations while providing superior customer experiences and safeguarding customer data.
Acuant’s tech utilizes AI and Human Assisted Machine Learning to provide the industry’s highest accuracy rates for authenticating IDs and the fastest speed for transaction time, averaging 5 seconds. We value customer privacy and PII data protection, never storing images or data locally or in the cloud.

Intelligent Data Capture
& Auto Fill Software

Quickly Capture ID Data of Customers/Employees
Automatically Populate Forms with ID Data

Document Authentication
& ID Verification Software

Instantly Authenticate ID Documents
Engage Biometric Facial Recognition Match

ePassport Issuance,
Quality Control & Authentication

ICAO Compliant ePassport Solution
Meet Global Regulatory Requirements

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