About Acuant

Acuant’s Identity Platform empowers businesses and consumers to transact with trust.

We are mindful that a mission must be founded upon a set of core values and business principles. For Acuant this means that we take a customer centric approach that defines our purpose, guides our products and harnesses the innovation and enthusiasm of our people. This approach says that we will conduct ourselves ethically in the marketplace while being a good and trusted partner.  

Identity is the new currency and it should belong to the individual who may choose when and how to share their personally identifying information or PII. This must be balanced with the fact that the need for strong, customer-friendly identity proofing solutions has never been greater. As PII is continuously jeopardized, Acuant serves to find a way to create trusted transactions that puts individuals at ease and in control, while simultaneously allowing businesses to address their appropriate level of risk. We see ourselves as a global player on the good side of managing identity to aid in reducing human trafficking, combating commercial fraud and safeguarding our borders.

Executive Management

Yossi Zekri

President & CEO

Yossi joined the Acuant team in May 2008. He has extensive management experience including many years at the helm of IPD and Maxsys Technologies as well as VP & General Manager of Federal Mogul FP Diesel division. Yossi holds a BS degree in biological science and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine.

Bruce Ackerman

Executive VP of Global Sales

Bruce has over 25 years’ experience in successfully building sales teams and growing the sales of those companies. He was part of the sales team at World-Check that successfully grew sales to a point where they were subsequently acquired by Thomson Reuters. Prior to that he was part of ABN where he led the SOC program in partnership with the USPS, taking annual sales to $1 billion. Bruce holds a BS from Georgetown University and an MBA from Hogeschool Nijenrode in The Netherlands.

Kevin Courtney

Director of Product Management

Kevin  has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software product management, and has successfully launched new products on multiple platforms across industries. His expertise at Vertex, Iron Mountain, Experian and Oracle spans identity verification, fraud prevention, financial analysis, document management, corporate tax, credit granting, and server and PC industries.

Malini Gujral

Director of Marketing

Malini joined Acuant in 2015 and brings over 15 years of marketing experience working in several industries including tech. With an MBA from Vanderbilt University in Strategy and Marketing, she has worked with startups, premier global brands and service providers to successfully lead marketing teams and grow businesses.

Stephen Maloney

Executive VP of Business Development & Strategy

Stephen joined Acuant in May 2016 with the acquisition of AssureTec. Prior he was Co-founder, Director and President of SolutionPoint International, a diversified security and risk management company, and Chairman of Design2Launch, a pioneer in digital workflow software that was sold to Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK). As EVP of MSA, a leader in explosive detection services, he was at one of the first companies to receive Safety Act certification by DHS. Earlier he co-founded and was CEO of i3 Mobile, a leader in wireless information leading the company to a successful IPO (NASDAQ:IIM). He graduated from Fordham, has an M.B.A. and holds or has held TS clearance.

Glenn Larson

Vice President of Engineering

Glenn Larson joined Acuant in 2016 with the acquisition of AssureTec Technologies. He brings over 25 years of experience in software and hardware product engineering and has spent most of those years in the digital imaging field in technical and visionary leadership positions. Prior to AssureTec, Glenn was part of the founding team at Imaging Automation, now part of MorphoTrust (recently rebranded as Idemia). While at Imaging Automation, Glenn was responsible for the design and development of large-scale, client/server document imaging management systems for use in Medicaid claims processing and document issuance systems for state and national identity systems. Glenn has also served in technical leadership capacities at both MCI and Virtual Access Networks (acquired by Symantec). Glenn has broad experience in the field of document imaging, primarily in the areas of identification document security and authentication, image analysis and processing, and optical character recognition.

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