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Acuant Achieves ISO 270001 Certification
Finance Case Study: Regional Credit Union uses Acuant Solutions to Fight Synthetic Fraud
Acuant Healthcare Case Study for Clearwave Patient Registration Kiosk
Healthcare Case Study: Clearwave Self-Service Kiosks for Patient Registration
Acuant Hospitality Case Study for Adria Scan Guest Registration
Hospitality Case Study:
Adria Scan Identity Management Solution for Guest Registration
Acuant Visitor Management Case Study with HallPass
Visitor Management Case Study:
HallPass Safeguards Schools with Visitor Management Solution
Acuant Automotive Financial Case Study for ID Verification
Automotive Case Study:
ID Verification for ELEND Solutions
Acuant Healthcare Case Study for Aprima EHR Patient Registration
Healthcare Case Study:
Enhanced Data Entry for Aprima EHR
machine learning white paper
Read the White Paper:
Beyond Machine Learning
Security White Paper
Read the White Paper: Protecting Your Business & Establishing Trust
ozone white paper
Read the White Paper: Mitigating Risk at the Border
Digital Consumer Onboarding Series 1
Digital Consumer Onboarding Series - ID & Age Verification for the Digital Economy
Ecommerce mobile payment
Paypers Report resource library
Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide
Translated Acuant Product Sheets
Spanish, German, French
Acufill sheet
IDscan: Real Time Intelligent Data Capture and Autofill into CRM
AssureID Sheet
AssureID: Document Authentication and ID Verification
MedicScan sheet
MedicScan: ID and Insurance Card Auto-fill into EMR/EHR/PM Systems
US Passport
Ozone: ePassport Issuance, Assurance & Quality Control
Face with Recognition Match Map
Acuant FaceID: Facial Recognition Match
Acuant Review
Acuant Review: Fast and Secure Manual Review
watch the product video
Watch the video:
Acuant Product Overview
aila tech and acuant video demo
Watch the video:
Aila + Acuant: Simple, Secure ID Scanning
One World Identity Podcast
State of Identity Podcast: Powering the Car Subscription Revolution
Acuant + TSD demo video
Watch the video:
TSD + Acuant: Smart Data Capture into CRM
Acuant + HealthPac Demo
Watch the video:
HealthPac + Acuant: Scan into EMR/EHR/PMS
Watch the video:
eClinicalWorks + Acuant: Scan into EMR/EHR/PMS
watch the webinar
Watch the webinar: Creating Trusted Transactions
New Products Webinar
Watch the webinar: New Products
Paul Townsend's Identity Week 2019 Presentation
Risk Mitigation at the Border - A Best Practices Approach to Identity Authentication
Acuant CEO Yossi Zekri's Identity Week Presentation
Three Challenges of Establishing Identity in the Digital Economy
Where does your life take you in a day infographic
Infographic: Where Does Your Identity Take You in a Day?
Ready for Takeoff image to link to travel survey
Infographic: Survey Shows US Passengers Board Flights Using Non-Government ID

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