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Acuant Achieves ISO 270001 Certification
Finance Case Study: Regional Credit Union uses Acuant Solutions to Fight Synthetic Fraud
Acuant Healthcare Case Study for Clearwave Patient Registration Kiosk
Healthcare Case Study: Clearwave Self-Service Kiosks for Patient Registration
Acuant Hospitality Case Study for Adria Scan Guest Registration
Hospitality Case Study:
Adria Scan Identity Management Solution for Guest Registration
Acuant Visitor Management Case Study with HallPass
Visitor Management Case Study:
HallPass Safeguards Schools with Visitor Management Solution
Acuant Automotive Financial Case Study for ID Verification
Automotive Case Study:
ID Verification for ELEND Solutions
Acuant Healthcare Case Study for Aprima EHR Patient Registration
Healthcare Case Study:
Enhanced Data Entry for Aprima EHR
machine learning white paper
Read the White Paper:
Beyond Machine Learning
Security White Paper
Read the White Paper: Protecting Your Business & Establishing Trust
ozone white paper
Read the White Paper: Mitigating Risk at the Border
Digital Consumer Onboarding Series 1
Digital Consumer Onboarding Series - ID & Age Verification for the Digital Economy
Ecommerce mobile payment
Paypers Report resource library
Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide
The State of Fraud
Translated Acuant Product Sheets
Spanish, German, French
Acufill sheet
IDscan: Real Time Intelligent Data Capture and Autofill into CRM
AssureID Sheet
AssureID: Document Authentication and ID Verification
MedicScan sheet
MedicScan: ID and Insurance Card Auto-fill into EMR/EHR/PM Systems
US Passport
Ozone: ePassport Issuance, Assurance & Quality Control
OzoneGO: ePassport/eID/eMRTD Authentication for Identity Verification on Mobile Device
Face with Recognition Match Map
Acuant FaceID: Facial Recognition Match
Acuant Review
Acuant Review: Fast and Secure Manual Review
watch the product video
Watch the video:
Acuant Product Overview
aila tech and acuant video demo
Watch the video:
Aila + Acuant: Simple, Secure ID Scanning
One World Identity Podcast
State of Identity Podcast: Powering the Car Subscription Revolution
Acuant + TSD demo video
Watch the video:
TSD + Acuant: Smart Data Capture into CRM
Acuant + HealthPac Demo
Watch the video:
HealthPac + Acuant: Scan into EMR/EHR/PMS
Watch the video:
eClinicalWorks + Acuant: Scan into EMR/EHR/PMS
watch the webinar
Watch the webinar: Creating Trusted Transactions
New Products Webinar
Watch the webinar: New Products
Paul Townsend's Identity Week 2019 Presentation
Risk Mitigation at the Border - A Best Practices Approach to Identity Authentication
Acuant CEO Yossi Zekri's Identity Week Presentation
Three Challenges of Establishing Identity in the Digital Economy
Where does your life take you in a day infographic
Infographic: Where Does Your Identity Take You in a Day?
Ready for Takeoff image to link to travel survey
Infographic: Survey Shows US Passengers Board Flights Using Non-Government ID

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