Seamless Integration

Deploying Acuant solutions is simple with our variety of deployment methods. Our extensive solutions, with supporting API’s, APK’s and documentation, allow for integration into server and desktop applications, web based solutions and mobile.  All of this is backed by our world-class support to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from Acuant.


Web Services

Web Services

  • Process images via Acuant’s Web Services
  • Faster data extraction and processing
  • Less maintenance continuous updates
  • Acuant secure servers in superior environment
  • One API supports multiple platforms
  • Secured via SSL and HTTPS AES 256-bit


  • Capture data on a mobile device
  • Minimal maintenance and support
  • Seamlessly integrates into your iOS, Android, Windows or HTML5 solution
  • Customizable SDK for fast development
  • Secured via SSL and HTTPS AES 256-bit


  • Available for white labeling
  • Maintain full control of all communications
  • Seamless integration into 3rd party applications
  • No internet required
  • Available for local Windows, RDP & Citrix installs

Acuant Hardware Products

The Acuant range of hardware complements our software solutions for a complete turnkey solution. Our hardware offering is comprised of imaging devices engineered to work seamlessly with our software and to produce outstanding results. We proudly work with select partners to certify TWAIN compatible scanners as well. 


Driver’s License & ID’s

Driver’s License & ID’s

  • Acuant ID-150
  • Acuant 900DX
  • Acuant SnapShell / SnapShell R2
  • 3M CR5400
  • ARH Combo Scan
  • E-Seek M500
  • Burroughs Micro Elite
  • Epson TM-S2000MJ
Passports & ID’s

Passports & ID’s

  • Acuant P3/P4
  • 3M AT9000 / AT9000 MKII
  • 3M MKII High Resolution
  • 3M QS1000
  • ARH Combo Smart
  • ARH PRMc 223
  • Access-IS OCR640e
  • Access-IS Atom
  • Fujitsu Fi60/Fi65
  • Desko Penta 4.1/4.3
  • Desko Icon2
Kiosks: Passports & ID’s

Kiosks: Passports & ID’s

  • Acuant ID-1501
  • ARH Combo Scan Kiosk
  • 3M Kiosk/ KR9000
  • ArH Combo Smart Kiosk

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