Today’s Customers Demand what Acuant Identity Management Solutions Provide:

  • S uperior service experiences
  • P erson/card not present transactions
  • E fficient workflows
  • E levated security
  • D evice agnostic software



Consumer businesses are constantly challenged by security and fraud issues. The need to process customers as efficiently and securely as possible with the highest level of service is paramount in today’s marketplace. Acuant technologies enable consumer facing companies all over the world to achieve these objectives while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our solutions work with independent and major department store POS & CRM operations, online retail and services, as well as facilitating secure transactions via mobile apps for start ups, on-demand services and sharing economy businesses.
  • Improve Customer Onboarding, CRM & Loyalty Programs

Capture accurate and valuable customer data into your POS platform instantly improving check out, CRM management and increasing loyalty program registration

  • Obtain Age & Address Verification
Obtain the ability to verify addresses before shipping and real time age verification for regulated sales such as vaping, tobacco, alcohol and legalized drugs
  • Reduce Fraud
Prevent fraudulent transactions by verifying ID’s in real time without inconveniencing customers to protect your business
Ensure accurate data from the start with our automated workflow that eliminates manual entry errors and expedites new client processes Meet all financial industry regulations and ensure that clients' identities are verified, giving them the freedom to transact from anywhere Be competitive in the market offering very user friendly, highly secure technology and faster, more accurate workflows such as loan origination



Competitive demands and changing regulations for financial institutions has resulted in the need for more efficient and customer centric processes when it comes to identity proofing. Increased regulatory requirements, such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Red Flag, HIPAA and the Patriot Act, mean certain mandatory data has to be collected. This can require stringent verification and authentication to prevent fraud and money laundering. Acuant provides your most trusted, comprehensive identity management solutions for the financial services industry, allowing you to meet regulations while pleasing and protecting your customers.



Border management and national security concerns have expanded the need for reliable and fast methods for checking credentials at border crossings, ports, airports, courts and government installations. ID authentication from Acuant provides advanced technology solutions for passport and ID verification as well as increased speed of processing travelers and visitors. Our identity management solutions aid highly trained inspectors by flagging details that may not be visible or by finding recent criminal innovations in highly sophisticated fraudulent identification documents. Acuant allows document inspectors to be more productive and makes the document inspection process easy, automated and extremely accurate.
  • Employ the Highest Security
Authenticate thousands of different official IDs and passports to verify your visitors, vendors and contractors; prevent theft and terrorism and reduce liability with the ability to check against watch lists such as Interpol and OFAC
  • Be Efficient
Automate your intake process and get verification results in seconds; our solution is portable, accurate and easy to use on any mobile device or TWAIN compatible desktop scanner
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Capture, validate and securely store all images on your network to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements and eliminate photocopies
  • Reduce Claim Rejections
No more manual entry means no more errors that lead to insurance claim rejections and delayed payments
  • Be Cost Efficient
MedicScan® is proven to reduce up to hundreds of keystrokes per patient intake which translates into savings for your practice
  • Improve the Patient Experience
Automation of the check-in process allows staff to focus on the patient, not paperwork and data input, building trust and loyalty



Innovative technology in healthcare is necessary for patient medical care, but this is also true for front office workflows. Patient intake must be precise but can feel like a tedious task to both patients and staff. Transform your patient intake into a positive initial experience for patients to create trust and loyalty. Through the automation of image and data capture of ID’s and Medical Insurance cards with Acuant’s MedicScan® providers obtain accurate information input into EMR’s in seconds. This means shorter lines, less manual labor and translates into cost savings. With smart data from the start, practices will see reduced claim rejections and deliver a seamless check-in experience for patients.



Hospitality oriented businesses mandate superior customer service from start to finish. This means adopting technology to provide efficient guest experiences when it comes to transactions such as guest check-in, loyalty program registration and identity verification. Our identity management solutions also allow you to protect your business with verification options in regulated environments and make traveling a pleasure with the flexibility of mobile and self-service kiosk options to provide guest services such as digital hotel keys, remote check-in and integration with smartphone apps. Acuant software works on all operating systems and with all passports and government issued ID's.
  • Increase Efficiency
Save time by eliminating manual errors and making photocopies of ID’s; automate the capture of identity document data and gain the ability to store images electronically
  • Improve Check-In, CRM & Loyalty Program Sign-ups
Allow guests to transact anywhere by simply scanning an identity document for registration which can be done remotely, on a mobile device/app or kiosk and seamlessly manage data in your system
  • Reduce Fraud & Be Compliant
Quickly verify age and identity of guests/patrons meeting regulatory needs, preventing underage fines and conducting gaming/casino payouts
  • Verify ID & Authenticate Documents
Ensure you know who are hiring by validating authenticity of ID documents and engaging optional biometric tests to hire with confidence
  • Improve Onboarding Operations
Quickly and accurately scan ID documents to auto-fill data and images directly into your data management system and gain storage functions
  • Be Compliant & Protect your Business
Protect your business from costly fines and penalties by meeting and exceeding the requirements of (INA) with Acuant solutions combined with I-9 completion



The numbers of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) I-9 audits have increased each year for the past three years. Globally, the implications of not checking employees’ right to work can not only be costly and damaging to an organization’s reputation, but may also disqualify the business from entering into public procurement contracts. Whether or not your company has sensitive data or valuable equipment and merchandise, you need to know who you're hiring. Acuant’s simple-to-use identity proofing solutions provide the technology you need to protect your business and optimize HR hiring processes.



Rising identity theft, continued security threats and the sophistication of fraudulent ID’s globally make security of the utmost importance. Whether you are in a high-tech, sensitive-data, government classified, educational or other type of institution- it is imperative that you secure your business and the people in it. Acuant seamlessly integrates into your visitor management platform providing the ability to identify and process visitors efficiently while increasing security levels. Capturing detailed information and images from visitor ID’s, is completed within seconds with front desk personnel, mobile devices or kiosks.
  • Validate Identity
Know who is in your building by quickly and accurately extracting both data and images from ID’s coupled with authentication and verification
  • Create & Access Watch Lists & Visitor Logs
Acuant allows for customization and gives you the ability to create or run searches against your own or established watch lists to ensure that you have met the highest security standards
  • Optimize Visitor Management & Security Processes
Implement self-service registration and kiosks to be efficient and secure or engage mobile technologies to register and manage access even facilitating badge printing
  • Automate Identity Validation
Quickly and accurately validate identities and ID documents through self-service kiosks and mobile devices with the option of engaging biometrics for enhanced security
  • Be Efficient
Streamline processes that previously required manual labor and entry to speed up data entry and optimize workflow operations with less administration and reduced costs
  • Offer Flexibility to Customers
Allow customers to be in control of identity management processes with unmanned kiosks or mobile app check-in systems providing a modern, superior experience
Self-Service / Kiosk



Empowering customers is proven to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and often reduces costs. Acuant provides the leading solution for self-service kiosks when it comes to identity management solutions. Use Acuant to power self-service patient admittance, banking, visitor registration, hotel check-in, loyalty program sign-ups and many other industry functions including customized apps. Our technology easily integrates into any application to make the entire process seamless for users. Furthermore, kiosks and mobile apps are capable of replacing many functions typically performed by staff making them not only customer pleasing but cost efficient.



Upgrading customer experiences by leveraging technology in transportation and travel industries is not only important to create customer loyalty and be competitive, but it is also a matter of security and asset protection. Environments such as airports have stringent security protocols and Acuant is the technology of choice for many such high security environments. Our solutions enables quickly scanning Passports and ID cards for data extraction while simultaneously verifying their authenticity. In the auto industry, when it comes to purchasing, renting, or vehicle services, the ability to identify a customer quickly and to process documentation effectively, results in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our solutions also offer an additional layer of security against fraud and potential auto-theft.
  • Meet the Highest Security Standards
Combat fraud with ID verification and authentication technology designed for government installations and national border crossings and the ability to check watch lists such as Interpol and OFAC
  • Expedite ID Verification & Document Authentication
Quickly and accurately collect verified and authenticated data with mobile and desktop scanner options to meet compliance requirements
  • Improve CRM & Customer Loyalty
Gain the flexibility to engage customers on-the-go with our mobile solutions, reduce wait times and errors to provide a superior experiences and increase personal interaction building valuable customer relationships

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