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Establishing Trust in the Sharing Economy: Acuant Partners with Clutch Technologies to Power Identity Verification for Innovative Car Subscription Service

With today’s expanding sharing economy, there are many innovative companies offering services one may have never thought possible. How would you like to drive five different luxury cars in one month? With Clutch Technologies, that is possible due to their unique subscription service.

With such a business model, there is a level of risk involved. Clutch needs to verify members and ensure they know who is driving the cars in their service. They chose Acuant’s trusted Identity Verification Platform to accomplish this in a fast time frame. Utilizing AssureID and Acuant FRM (facial recognition match) to establish that an ID (driver’s license) is authentic, and then having users take a selfie to establish that the person with the ID is the person who is using the service in real time, Clutch was able to meet assurance requirements with multi-factor authentication that is user friendly and fast.

Learn more about the partnership as Matt Moddelmog (Clutch Director of Product) and Steve Maloney (Acuant EVP) talk about building trusted transactions in the State of Identity Podcast episode 95: Powering the Car Subscription Revolution.

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