Self-Service Kiosks On The Rise

The hospitality industry is heading towards using self-service technology to provide a better travelling experience for its customers. At the airport, passengers waste too much time waiting in long lines. The long security lines can’t be avoided, but passengers who need to quickly check-in can do so at a self-service kiosk.

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Better Way Of Doing Business

With various industries benefiting from a new world of possibility driven by the implementation of new technology, it is no wonder why many of our partners have purchased and or implemented different solutions we’ve developed to make their workflow more efficient. And yes, although we certainly pride ourselves in the technology we’ve created and how it has helped end users … our crowning accomplishment has always been witnessing the added value this technology creates for the various business segments it operates within.

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Credit Card Fraud Continues to Intensify

There were several high profile cases of identity theft just last month. In the beginning of April, federal agents busted a ring of 42 identity thieves in Miami. The thieves had collected $3.2 million in tax refunds and $656,000 in state unemployment benefits.

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Patient Credential Management

It’s unavoidable. Healthcare is news. Whether it’s rising costs, data security breaches or patient care, healthcare is indeed news. But regardless of the headlines, quality remains the predominant theme throughout the healthcare industry.

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Autonomous Cars Push Need for Smarter Technology in Dealerships

Hyundai recently announced plans to have driverless cars on the market by 2020. The company is heavily investing in technology for driverless cars — by planning on hiring over 7,000 researchers, and shelling out $73 billion for their smart car program over the course of four years.

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