Retail Clinics Offer Accessibility to Patients

Healthcare professionals are noticing that retail clinics are offering patients convenient and low-cost primary healthcare. The convenience and accessibility of retail clinics, according to a report by consulting firm Manatt Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, can help build a culture of health in the US.

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Airports Plan to Invest in Self-Service Kiosks

According to the 2014 SITA/ACI Airport IT Trends Survey, airports will be investing in more technology to improve the passenger processes. The researchers surveyed IT executives from 106 of the top 200 airport operators around the world. Around 86% of airports said that they were planning on investing in the self-service processes in the next three years.

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Help Prevent Medical Fraud with ID Verification

Healthcare computer networks have become big targets for hackers because they hold a lot of personal information about patients. In the past year, health insurance companies like Anthem, Premera Blue Cross, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield experienced data breaches that affected millions of customers.

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Retail Clinics Appeal to Consumers

CVS recently announced that it’s planning on buying Target’s pharmacies and retail clinics for $1.9 billion. If CVS buys Target’s 1,660 pharmacies and 80 retail clinics, it will be the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain.

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Increase Airline Satisfaction With Shorter Lines

People are getting ready to go on vacation, but before they can relax, they have to complete the arduous task of getting through all of the lines at the airport. With long lines for check-ins, security, and boarding, passengers get frustrated the longer they wait. Long wait times can affect a passenger’s perception of an airline, and cause them to choose a different airline for their next flight.

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Medical Identity Theft Increases

People are warned to watch out for medical identity fraud after the recent data breaches at Anthem Insurance and Premera Blue Cross. Medical identity theft has increased by 21.7% in 2014, according to the 2014 Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft, a report by the Ponemon Institute and the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance. Victims of medical fraud have had to pay $13,500 per person on average to resolve their issues, and in many cases, the financial burden also impacts the patient’s immediate family.

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Self-Service Kiosks On The Rise

The hospitality industry is heading towards using self-service technology to provide a better travelling experience for its customers. At the airport, passengers waste too much time waiting in long lines. The long security lines can’t be avoided, but passengers who need to quickly check-in can do so at a self-service kiosk.

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