Keeping Your Business Secure with Visitor Management

Security has been a growing concern for businesses, especially now that identity theft is on the rise. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that in 2014, an estimated 17 million Americans were the victims of identity theft. Growing businesses are looking to keep their digital and physical data secure and are becoming too big to rely on … Continue reading “Keeping Your Business Secure with Visitor Management”

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Acuant Solutions Boost Accuracy and Efficiency in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been embracing digital solutions, especially in the waiting rooms of healthcare providers. Instead of managing filing cabinets filled with paper, the staff at healthcare facilities are seeing the advantages of managing electronic patient records. Healthcare providers have begun to rely on electronic registration methods when patients come in for their appointments. … Continue reading “Acuant Solutions Boost Accuracy and Efficiency in Healthcare”

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Increase Corporate Security with ID Verification

The 2016 Global State of Information Security Survey from PwC found that the number of security incidents detected in businesses increased by 107% in 2015. Financial losses from these security incidents rose by 33%, which resulted in companies expanding their information security budgets by 51%. A major threat to corporations is the possibility of intellectual … Continue reading “Increase Corporate Security with ID Verification”

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Survey Finds Car Rentals Lead to Car Purchases

A 2015 survey by Enterprise Holdings revealed that a positive car rental experience can get people to start shopping for a vehicle. The survey said that more than one in four customers reported that a great experience while renting a car made them consider buying one. The younger a customer is, the more of a chance there is that a positive car rental experience will get them to start shopping for a new car. The survey found that 33% of millennials started shopping for a new car after a good rental car experience, compared to 30% of Gen Xers and 23% of baby boomers.

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Connected Cars Dominate CES

At the CES conference in Las Vegas this year, Gary Smyth, the director of General Motors’ Powertrain Systems Research Lab, commented on how the auto industry is headed towards driverless cars. The technology for autonomous vehicles is years away, but in-car technology can help address the issue of distracted driving. The conference demonstrated how automakers are embracing connectivity and appealing to consumers with vehicles that are packed with new technology.

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Modifying Airline Loyalty Programs

American Airlines recently announced new changes are coming to its AAdvantage loyalty program. The airline will now be rewarding customers with frequent flier miles based on how much they spend, instead of on how far they travel. When airlines first came out with loyalty programs, the prices of flights were based on distance.

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Number of Homebound Patients Expected to Rise

In 2011, a study found that two million elderly Americans were homebound. According to the Journal of the American Medicine Association, these Americans leave their homes on the rarest occasions, and can spend at least a month in their home without leaving. According to the study, 5.6% of the senior Medicare population was completely or mostly homebound in 2011. Only 12% of homebound Americans said they received primary care services in their homes, even though many need them.

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Looking To The Cloud For Better Credential Capture, Verification and Collaboration

Earlier this summer, we published ‘Acuant Survey: Companies Look to the Cloud for Better Information Capture, Verification and Collaboration.’ Some results came as no surprise – for example, 84 percent of respondents said identity verification is either “critical’ or “very important.” But some responses made us look twice. Because afterall, we are doing business in … Continue reading “Looking To The Cloud For Better Credential Capture, Verification and Collaboration”

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