Visitor Management Solutions by Acuant – Increase Efficiency & Reduce Errors

Gallagher’s Acuant Scanner Integration allows Visitor data fields within the Command Centre’s Visitor Management Client to be automatically populated when a person’s Passport or Driver’s License is scanned.

This interface reduces the amount of manual data entry required by an Operator and thereby – improves visitor processing time; reduces errors and ensures the necessary identification checks are made to comply with your health and safety regulations.
The feature provides the ability to use OCR to capture preconfigured personal data including:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • An image of the entire passport / license

About Gallagher:

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Initial Mappings between Scanshell SDK fields and Gallagher Visitor Management Visitor Detail fields

About to scan to create a visitor record

Scan in progress

Completed scan with populated Visitor detail fields

Entry created. The Visitor Management system now know about this visitor who can then be added to the appropriate ‘visit’ by the Operator







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