MedicScan® Solution for California Medical Systems Users

Improve Front Office Efficiency >Reduce Errors >Cut Costs!

Acuant’s MedicScan® is integrated with California Medical System’s EMR/PM system to extract images and data from documents via a desktop scanner and auto-populate your patient demographics screens. MedicScan® works with Driver’s Licenses, Government Issued IDs and Medical Insurance Cards to improve patient & employee processes, save time and enhance revenue streams.


  • Prevent costly manual data entry errors (e.g. patient name, date of birth, insurance card number)
  • Reduce claim rejections
  • Expedite patient registration
  • Improve front office operations


  • Extracts data from driver’s licenses and automatically auto-populates patient record
  • Extracts data from medical insurance cards and automatically auto-populates patient record
  • Ability to read driver’s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states
  • Utilizes Web Services to instantly process images

Additional warranty Available:

  • 12 month warranty: $69
  • 24 month warranty: $95





ScanShell® 800 DXN®



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