About Acuant

Acuant empowers businesses and consumers to transact with trust.

The revolution of managing digital identity is here. The continued expansion of the digital economy commands the need for businesses and consumers to establish a trust via identity proofing any place, any time. Identity verification is the core of transactions. This means knowing who you are doing business with (KYC) and enabling secure transactions that protect customer data (PII) with ease.

Acuant provides seamless identity verification to build your business with valid customers. The Acuant Trusted Identity Platform is powered by AI for the highest speed and accuracy rates. Omnichannel products provide superior customer experiences that allow businesses to establish trust via identity proofing from any location in seconds. Scalable, secure and compliant (KYC, AML, GDPR), award-winning products include government-issued identity document and chip authentication, biometric facial recognition and more. Completing more than one billion trusted transactions globally, Acuant is a proven industry leader.

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