Acuant Face™: Robust Facial Recognition Match & Liveness Test to Fight Fraud

Acuant Face™: Robust Facial Recognition Match & Liveness Test to Fight Fraud

Acuant allows you to quickly and seamlessly verify identities.
Any channel, any device, any location.

How It Works - Step 1 CAPTURE & CLASSIFY
How It Works - Step 3 AUTHENTICATION

Solutions Overview

No matter your industry or use case, when it comes to Identity Proofing, Acuant's next gen Identity Platform has a solution that will boost productivity, revenue, customer conversions and satisfaction.

Customer OnboardingFraud Detection & Prevention Identity & Access ManagementGovernance, Risk & Compliance

Intelligent Data Capture & Auto-Fill Software to Automate & Streamline Workflows

Identity Document Authentication, Facial Recognition Match & Manual Review

ICAO Compliant Solutions for ePassport Issuance, Quality Control & Authentication (PKI)

KYC/AML & GDPR Re-Verify Users High Risk Transactions Border Control

Acuant has the industry's largest Identity Document library with over 6,000 Global Documents. Our library is continuously updated to support over 200 countries and all 50 US states. We support driver's licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, border crossing cards, Government: PIV, CAC, TWI; medical & auto insurance cards and credit cards.

Industry Applications

  • Commerce


  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

  • Government/Public Sector

    Government / Public Sector

  • Healthcare


  • Hospitality & Leisure

    Hospitality & Leisure

  • Security


  • Transportation & Travel

    Transportation & Travel

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