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Medical Solutions

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Best-in-class front office solution that

simplifies and streamlines patient

information intake, saving

valuable time with every new patient.

What used to take hundreds of keystrokes now happens in seconds, while also reducing paper and ultimately enhancing the patient experience.





Why use our solutions?

With fewer manual tasks to handle, your staff can be more focused on patient care and creating the best patient experience which also builds trust and loyalty.  MedicScan® solutions also give your staff flexibility – they are no longer trapped behind the desk, but can move around the office, and can even handle intake with mobile tablets. Our insurance card scanner makes ID and document scanning a breeze.

MedicScan® helps you achieve greater efficiency while improving your patient experience.


  • Savings from the start

    Save up to 8 minutes per patient, or approximately 12 hours a week

  • Advanced Technology

    Recognizes ID’s from all 50 states and most medical insurance cards

  • Improve Revenue Cycles

    Accurate information collection results in less claim rejections

  • Easy to use

    Minimal training and maintenance

Providing great medical care is one thing. Getting paid for it, is another matter. In the complex world of insurance companies and government healthcare programs, Acuant provides the advantage of accuracy. Manually entering patient information is an error-prone process. With our products, accuracy is improved and the process is accelerated. This means claims can be processed more efficiently, so you get paid faster.

In sync with what’s next in Healthcare:

It’s one thing to solve the problems of today, but Acuant doesn’t stop there.  We look ahead and are actively innovating to meet the needs of medical practices for years to come.  From key partnerships that will enable you to verify insurance coverage and deductibles with a simple swipe of an ID or insurance card, to technology that enables mobile medicine, we not only provide solutions for where the profession is headed, we also make it easier to get there.

Uses For Our ID & Insurance Card Scanner:

Ambulatory CareEmergency CareDentalRetail ClinicsE-PrescribeMobile Clinics

Paving the way for a more efficient medical practice.

Use Cases

Medical Care Settings

Streamline registration and check-in by scanning driver’s licenses, ID cards and medical insurance cards to collect vital demographic and billing data to automatically populate electronic medical records (EMRs).

Self-Service Patient Check-Ins

Our mobile solutions can be utilized for self-service patient registrations and check-ins, using anything from a complete kiosk system to a tablet.

Retail Clinics

From flu shots to the occasional sniffles, retail clinics are now widely accepted and used. Acuant’s technology allows the clinics to quickly capture a wide variety of medical insurance information to immediately administer care.

Mobile Health Care

Patient care is no longer limited to traditional clinics and hospitals. With advanced technology, it is not easier than ever to bring healthcare to the patient. From general home health care to specialized pharmacy administration, Acuant’s mobile medical solution can help support the growing needs of today’s society.