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identity solutions

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At the beginning of virtually every business process is the need for customer information.  idScan® is Acuant’s premier identity solution offering.  Whether it is a driver’s license or State ID, passport, medical insurance card, business cards, or any other government issued ID document, idScan® offers limitless potential to register, onboard, or credential an individual.

Why use our identity solutions?

Acuant is the leading provider of identity capture solutions. Our combination of hardware, software, mobile and web-based solutions enhances business processes anywhere that structured or unstructured data needs to be introduced.

idScan® is a global identity solution with the flexibility to support virtually any platform.


  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Automatically recognizes IDs from all 50 states and over 90 countries, and all passports.

  • Immediate Data Intake

    Image processing expertise with cutting-edge pattern detection resulting in higher accuracy

  • Accelerating Productivity

    Eliminate manual-input and allow for increases in speed while streamlining and simplifying processes

  • Focus on the customer

    Time saving data enables personnel to work smarter and faster allowing for better customer service

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Enables businesses to comply with legal requirements of identity verification

Industries Where Our Identity Solutions Are Used:

Smart from the start. That’s the Acuant advantage.